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What is the Difference Between Power Raking, Dethatching and Scarifying?

A Power Rake is a Dethatcher & Does Dethatching Also Known As Scarifying

Some of the confusion between the two different procedures lies in the fact that they both use the same machine. The major difference is the depth at which the machine is set.

*At Plush Lawns, we believe Power Raking is primarily for removing debris close to the surface of your grass whereas Dethatching is mainly for removing overgrown excess thatch. 


What is Power Raking?  Surface Raking 1/2" Using a Power Rake/Dethatcher 

Removes the suffocating dead leaves, debris and some thatch, helping your soil better absorb water and nutrients

Though power raking removes some thatch, it’s better suited for cleaning debris so your lawn is in the best shape possible to grow and be healthy when summer arrives. The real benefit power raking provides your yard comes from all the nasty stuff from over the winter — like dead grass, leaves, and trash — it picks out of the grass. Once we’ve kicked all the debris up to your yard’s surface we then use a manual rake to gather it all up, bag it, and take it away. By removing all the winter debris your lawn’s soil will be able to soak up the ensuing spring moisture and fertilizer far better.


What is Dethatching? Deep Raking 2" to 3" Using a Power Rake/Dethatcher 

Removes thatch and also grass and therefore requires fertilizer and overseeding to bring it back to life as quickly as possible

Dethatching is a more aggressive remedy resulting in a large amount of yard waste. Whereas power raking barely slices into thatch due to a high setting on the machine, dethatching uses a low setting which rips out the thatch. 


While Most Companies Only Power Rake, Aerate and Fertilize...

Plush Lawns Dethatches, Rakes, Aerates, Fertilizes, Overseeds and Spot Top Dresses

When you hire Plush Lawns for your season-long lawn care needs you get the most comprehensive coverage in town. Other companies will charge you on a per-service basis, racking up the costs in the process. Our low prices include every service we offer, so you never have to worry about whether you need a procedure or not because they’re all included. And they’re all beneficial to your lawn in the long run. By training our highly skilled professionals to carry out every service, we maximize our efficiency and effectiveness, helping you get a plush lawn in no time.


3 Competitive Price Ranges 

Small Yards, Medium Yards, Large Yards

While prices quoted on this website are subject to change without notice, the following will give you a pretty good idea of what your yard will cost...

A small yard is approximately 1,200 sq. ft. or less. Our minumum fee is $120.

A  medium yard is approximately 2,000 sq. ft. and $200.

A large yard is approximately 3,000 sq. ft. and $300.

Note: The following will raise the price...

  • Excess leaves will need to be raked prior to Power Raking
  • A bumpy lawn will require more top dressing
  • Excessive bare patches will require more top dressing