Have Our Calgary Lawn Care Professionals 

Make Your Yard the Envy of Your Neighbourhood in 2020


Fall 2020
Dethatch, Aerate, Fertilize & Overseed Special:

Small Yard - $100
Medium Yard - $130
Large Yard - $160 to $200


We Do Everything That Will Make Your Lawn a Plush Lawn in 2020..

  1. Pick up all debris
  2. Power Rake / dethatch to eliminate unwanted thatch
  3. 'Scalp' your lawn with a lawnmower on a low setting
  4. Hand Rake to clean up all dead grass and thatch (Bagged for city pickup)
  5. Aeration to allow much needed nutrients into the soil
  6. Fertilization & overseeding that provides balanced nutrition
  7. Make your lawn thick and plush!



 Why Isn't My Lawn Full, Rich, Thick and Plush?

The main reason for a sparse lawn is that most homeowners
don't get their lawn dethatched and overseeded,

they only aerate their lawn
and most lawncare companies that do dehatch, don't overseed.
Then for ongoing maintenance, they cut the lawn way too short
which means it doesn't retain moisture as well.

For full, rich, thick, Plush Lawns...

Make sure that whoever manages your lawn... 
dethatches, aerates, fertilizes and overseeds your lawn when necessary...
and cuts your lawn approximately 2" high
so that it retains moisture better and becomes nice and plush!


Plush Lawns Trailer

Most Lawn Care Guys Get it Wrong!

  •    Don't give free, in-person quotes
  •    Don't aerate, fertilize & over-seed
  •    Don't eliminate weeds & insects
  •    Don't repair problem areas
  •    Don't sharpen blades often enough
  •    Don't come when you want them to
  •    Cut grass too short
  •    Never change cutting pattern
  •    Mow in the pouring rain
  •    Only trim weekly, don't edge monthly
  •    Leave clumps of grass behind
  •    Don't inspect their job

Plush Lawns Inc. Gets it Right Every Time Thanks to Training and Supervision!