Lawn Care That Will Make Your Lawn

the Envy of the Neighbourhood


Over 90% of Lawns in Calgary's Higher End Neighbourhoods
are Thin and Patchy...

That's because most people don't do what it takes to make their lawn thick, rich nutritionally and ultimately healthy, because they either don't know how or don't wanr ro take the time to seed it, fertilize it and sometimes mow it more often than once a week, which is much more costly in both labour and materials.

At Plush Lawns, we do whatever it takes to make sure that your lawn gets the proper attention that it needs to meet our higher standards...

Plush Lawn Care

9 Steps To Making Sure That Your Lawn is a Plush Lawn


Plush lawn scalping1.Scalping

We Scalp Your Lawn Which Exposes Your Soil to More Sunlight & Clears Away Winter Debris

Scalping your lawn is a great way to get it on track for a healthy growing season. We set the lawnmower to its lowest setting and clear away built up winter debris which allows your soil to receive more sunlight, helping it warm up faster and have better growth potential.


Plush Lawn Thatching2. De-Thatch

We Start By Power Raking Your Entire Yard, Which Breaks Up and Eliminates Unwanted Thatch Allowing Much Needed Nutrients to Penetrate into the Soil

Thatch Can Suffocate Your Lawn and Harbour Disease-Causing Organisms and Insects

Thatch, which is dead grass shoots, stems and roots, becomes more prevalent when your lawn has been neglected or cared for improperly. Although some thatch is desirable in your lawn, too much can result in some serious problems... Since thatch has the ability to heat up and dry out quickly, grass roots risk becoming too dry. Wet thatch holds too much water during rainy periods, resulting in grass root rot. Unwanted thatch build up can be a nesting ground for unhealthy organisms and unwanted insects. Raking eliminates unwanted thatch.


Plush Lawn Aeration3. Aeration 

We 'Core' Aerate Your Lawn so that it has Better Access to, and Retention of, Water, Oxygen and Vital Nutrients

Core aeration is the best form of aeration as it takes cores of soil out of the ground leaving holes, which retain water, oxygen and nutrients better and longer.


Plush Lawn Fertilization 1

4. Apply Starter Fertilizer

We Then Apply a Starter Fertilizer to Your Lawn to Give New Grass Seeds, That We'll Plant, the Proper Nutrients That They'll Need

You can either apply fertilizer prior to seeding, or while seeding, but not after seeding.


Plush Lawn Overseeding 15. Over-Seed

We Then Over-Seed Your Lawn Which Eliminates Patchy Areas of Grass and Makes Your Lawn Thick, Healthy and Ultimately, Plush


  1. We cut your lawn much lower than usual so that the seeds touch the soil
  2. We use a Seed Spreader to make sure that the seeds get spread evenly
  3. We set up sprinklers that will water your lawn twice a day for the first 4 days to make sure the seeds take

Peat Moss6. Peat Moss

We then Apply Peat Moss which Protects Your New Grass Seed & Prevents it From Drying Out

After overseeding your lawn we apply a layer of peat moss to cover the seeds. This keeps the birds away and also helps the seeds retain water better. Because we’ve just aerated your lawn a few steps earlier, the peat moss and seeds will penetrate the holes providing essential nutrients directly to the root zone.


Watering7. Water, Water, Water! 

To Wrap Things Up We Water Your Lawn Frequently Which Helps the Seeds Germinate

The most important thing after overseeding your lawn is watering it frequently. If any of the seeds dry out, your lawn can lose up to 40% of its germination. We water your lawn three times a day for the first three or so weeks after overseeding so that doesn’t happen. When combined with the peat moss covering and all the previous steps, your lawn will be a plush lawn before you know it.


Plush Lawn Ph8. Check Your Lawn's PH and Fertilize it Again

We Check Your Lawn's PH and Apply the Right Fertilizer to Your Lawn to Ensure a Healthier, Plush Lawn

We perform a soil test to determine your soil’s pH level. If it’s below 5.5, we add fertilizer with lime to lower the acidity, and if it’s above 7, we add fertilizer with sulfur to reduce the alkaline levels.


Plush Lawn Mowing 19. Ongoing Weed & Pest Control, Mowing, Trimming & Edging

We Don't Just Mow Your Lawn Every Week, We Inspect Your Lawn to Make Sure it is Truly a Plush Lawn

We mow your lawn not just weekly, but as needed. Sometimes that could be every 3 to 5 days. When we do, we don't just mow it, we inspect it for weeds, pests and to make sure that our crews are doing a great job that meets our higher standards.


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