Lawn Mowing Service for Calgary & its Surrounding Areas

 Plush Lawn Mowing

Why Do Most Lawn Care Companies Mow the Grass Too Short?

Because they can prolong the amount of time in-between trims and they’re lazy! At Plush Lawns we don’t cut corners because we understand the importance proper grass height plays in weed control and lawn health.

Let’s face it, most lawn care companies talk a big game but come up short in their mowing capabilities. Literally. By cutting your grass shorter than it’s supposed to be cut those other companies are taking unsuspecting homeowners for a ride. If they only have to trim your lawn once every two weeks they’re cutting down on the cost of labour and supplies substantially. But they’re also leaving your yard susceptible to weeds and putting its health in jeopardy. Grass that is cut too short is fertile ground for weeds like dandelions, and it’s poorly protected from the hot summer sun. By mowing your grass the right length, we make your lawn stronger and healthier by providing longer roots the chance to develop.


What are Some of the Other Things Plush Lawns Does Different from the Competition?

We sharpen our blades more frequently which reduces the risk of your lawn catching a disease, and we change the mowing pattern to minimize soil compaction and turf wear from wheels.

When lawn mower blades are dull they tear the grass instead of cut it. This results in the torn leaves having a whitish or chalky look to them, and possibly puts your lawn more at risk for catching diseases. We sharpen our mower blades frequently because it makes mowing easier for our workers, and it leaves your lawn looking expertly manicured. Because we take detailed notes on every property we manage, we can ensure the mowing pattern of your lawn is changed frequently. This helps reduce the wear and tear from mower wheels on your turf and aides in combatting soil compaction.


Is Everything — Including Trimming & Edging — Actually Included in the $200/Month Fee?

Absolutely. Don’t forget about the aerating, overseeding, fertilizer, and power raking either! Most other lawn care companies will charge you nearly that much a month just for the mowing.

Our trimming and edging services are the difference between a well mowed lawn and a professionally mowed lawn. Edging provides your lawn with a sharp look and finish, and stops grass from overtaking the adjoining sidewalk, curb, driveway, or flower bed. With our trimming service our skilled workers are able to tackle the difficult spots a lawn mower can’t, providing your lawn with complete 360° coverage. Throw in all the other services listed above and our price is a steal of deal.