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Plush Lawn Snow Removal

Clean, Safe, Bylaw Compliant Don’t-Wreck-Your-Back Snow Removal Service

Winters in Calgary and its surrounding areas are rough. No bones about it. Throw in a bylaw that mandates snow from your property be removed within 24 hours after the white stuff stops falling, and it’s no surprise snow removal is the bane of most property owners’ existence from October to April. That’s where we come in. Our expert crew can make it out to your home or property in a moment’s notice and clear your problem away. After hiring us, the next time someone mentions snow removal it’ll actually bring a smile to your face.


Avoid Heart Attack Snow & Stay Warm

Every year hundreds of people perish due to the strenuous nature of shovelling snow. The activity is more taxing on the heart than jogging on a treadmill, and because it’s often accompanied by cold air — which constricts arteries and decreases blood supply — cardiologists have begun referring to snow shovelling as “a perfect storm for a heart attack”. Research has shown people over 55 are four times as likely to suffer heart-related problems while shoveling snow compared to their younger compatriots. Stay safe and warm this winter by entrusting Plush Lawns with your driveway and sidewalk snow removal.


Emergency Snow Removal & Same-Day Service Guarantee

When a major blizzard hits, Calgary can see more than 10 centimetres of snow in just a single day. This past winter more than 180 centimetres fell on our city. With our same-day service guarantee you won’t have to worry about snow accumulating on your sidewalk or driveway (last February we set a specific time record with 30+ cm on the ground). Come home to a freshly cleared driveway after any snowfall and be the envy of your neighbours.


Avoid Liability with Our Sidewalk Snow Removal

There are a number of things to worry about when you’re a property owner, especially in winter. Don’t let your building’s snowy sidewalk add to the list. If someone slips and injures themselves while walking on your slick sidewalk you could be on the hook. Our exacting edge-to-edge service also includes Ice Melt, sand, and gravel for added grip.


Enjoy Being a Snowbird without any Stress

While you soak up the sun in Arizona, Florida, or wherever your warm getaway of choice may be, rest easy knowing your home and surrounding property will be taken care of professionally. We go beyond simple sidewalk and driveway clearing for our clients who are gone for extended periods of time, with a focus on access and safety for whomever may be checking in on your home. This includes clearing off handrails and stairs, clearing a path for garbage bins or mail boxes, and removing snow from your deck or patio to prevent damage.