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Lawn Fertilization

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Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to keep it thick, green & weed free.

Our season-long fertilizer programs are the exact thing your lawn needs to keep it thick and green throughout the year. The special slow-release fertilizer we use helps ensure your lawn receives all the nutrients it needs from spring to fall, while minimizing the amount of excess growth that some other lawn care companies profit off of. It also helps develop a plant and root system that is more healthy, which mitigates the effect of heat, cold, drought, and other stressors your lawn routinely faces in our climate. The starter fertilizer we use helps the newly planted grass seed from our overseeding service to achieve its best result, which in turn keeps your yard weed free from not allowing them any room to grow.


When is the Best Time to Fertilize?

Early summer and fall are the two most critical times to fertilize your lawn.

In order for fertilizer to work effectively it must be applied while grass is actively growing. Depending on the spring we’ve experienced, grass may begin growing as early as mid-April or as late as mid-May. Experts recommend the first application of fertilizer to be made when the soil temperature has reached 12.8°C. Your local university or college should be able to give you an accurate soil temperature, or you can use the blooming of lilac bushes as a good barometer. Once we’ve made the initial application our constant analysis and monitoring of your lawn will determine the fertilizing schedule for the rest of the growing season, but generally they occur in 4-6 week intervals. The most important application of fertilizer will be in the fall, as the grass is still growing and their roots need extra nutrients to prepare for the upcoming winter months.


How Long Do We Have to Stay Off the Lawn After You Fertilize it? 

A general rule of thumb is to wait at least 24 hours after a decent rainfall or good watering has occurred after the fertilizer has been applied.

Contrary to popular belief chemical fertilizers are not as dangerous to humans and pets as most people think. The main ingredients — nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) — are all naturally occurring chemical elements. However, nitrogen can burn or irritate skin if it comes in direct contact with it. The biggest thing that poses a risk to humans or pets in chemical fertilizers are either the pesticides or micronutrients which have been added. All of our fertilizer combinations are pesticide free and any of the micronutrients in them will be thoroughly communicated to you at the time of the application. Once we’ve watered the fertilizer so all of it seeps into the soil, we recommend waiting 24 hours before using your lawn as a precautionary measure.

Plush Lawn Fertilization 

Does Plush Lawns Offer Weed & Insect Control?

We provide comprehensive weed and insect control to keep your lawn looking beautiful and your pets and family safe.

Because we constantly inspect your lawn and keep detailed notes on it we know exactly when a problem arises, allowing us to address it immediately. Lawns are most susceptible to weeds when the soil is compact or the grass has been cut too short. By aerating your lawn at the beginning of the growing season we eliminate soil compaction, and we train our skilled mowers to cut your grass to the proper height eliminating the ideal conditions for weeds to grow. Once a problem area does present itself we spot treat it with non-toxic weed killers that are environmentally friendly.